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Did you ever ask yourself how everything has begun? Have you ever wondered about what we do? Here’s your answer. Learn more about our journey, since the 80s to the present day.

The story of how we got to where we are today, contains a lot of successes and a couple of setbacks.
However, all of our experiences taught us how to take advantage of the power of modern energy, while the world progresses through the 21st century.

Our story

35 years

35 years



The 90s: Buildings and Geotechnics

Remediation and consolidations of grounds in landslide, anti-coastal erosion systems, maritime embankments, micro-piles, industrial sheds, golf facilities, first football facilities made of 3rd generation synthetic grass, in the province of Cosenza.

2000s: Renewable energies

The advent of energy saving and green energies involved an internal revolution which will prove to be anything but risky. The first anemometric systems and then the first wind sites are born. Meanwhile, the company acquires experience in the photovoltaic branch with the realization of autonomous systems for residential use.

Geos sells and installs its first wind turbine  – with an 18 m rotor and a capacity of 60 KW – and the first costumers begin to benefit from clean and sustainable electricity from the wind. In the following years the company builds windfarms of different types and power.

In the last period, Geos as focused on the supply of clean energy from hydrogen sources, developing an island implant for residential use, as well as storage systems for fuel-cell vehicle. In addition, wave power generation systems are being developed.


Sustainable energy.

We at Geos, believe that energy is an important catalyst to increase a better quality of life. A stable energy supply is an essential part of a developed society. Energy is fundamental to almost all of the major challenges and opportunities the world has to deal with nowadays. Whether it is jobs, security, climate changes or food production, the access to sustainable energy is essential to strengthen economies, project ecosystems, reduce poverty and achieve equity.

In particular, a single wind turbine generates from 25 to 50 times more energy than it uses over its lifetime and it returns it to the society. Moreover, the same turbine emits about 1% of carbon dioxide compared to a coal power plant. For example, a 2 MW wind turbine, during its lifetime, avoids the dispersion of almost 4 tons of CO2 per year in to the environment, almost 8,5 tons of NOX per year, almost 8 tons of SO2 per year and contributes to an equivalent re-forestation of 690 hectares per year.

To encourage an awareness of sustainability at the corporate level, Geos invests in developing and improving the skills and knowledge of our employees, so that everyone is able to work for a shared vision of sustainability.


Geos as always worked pursuing the keeping of a line oriented as much as possible to the environment; Therefore it realizes searches for both consolidate the Aeolic-photovoltaic sector and take advantage of other branches of renewable sources such as hydrogen, bio-mass, and wave motion.
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