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Wind means a lot to us

Goes and Engineering is an international partner of the industry for sustainable energy solutions. We project, we product, we install, we revalue, and we assist wind turbines all over the territory of center-south of Italy, including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Thanks to our skills and collected data, we’re able ti interpret, forecast and take advantage of aeolic resources and provide the best solutions of aeolic energy that the sector offers.

Why wind?
Because future won’t wait.

Future is not a distant place. It’s close as tomorrow and it’s going to affect everyone. As the consumption of energy increases, how can we meet the demand?

Fossil fuels are a limited source that will gradually disappear. The natural replacement is sweeping freely around the world. Wind. It’s renewable, predictable, fast to install, clean and commercially viable.

We have data in support of our forecast, according to which, by year 2020, up to 10% of worldwide electricity consumption will be satisfied by wind energy. Furthermore, we’re sure to say that aeolic energy is an industry on pair with coal and gas.


Because of the exhaustion of fossil fuels, such as petrol, gas and coal, it is necessary to invest in more sustainable energy sources. As well as wind energy, energy from renewable sources will be an important one in XXI century.

A project such as ours could bring positive results for local economy. Aeolic, photovoltaic, biomass, hydroelectric and thermoelectric energies have wide diffusion potentials, promoting distributed generation and production next to the places of use.

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